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  • Emma Dixon

This Year So Far

It’s been a busy start to 2023 here at Securipol Security Services! Across our departments we have attended to over 70 sites in the last two months, carrying out a wide range of work for a variety of clients. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to throughout January and February and see just some of the services we provide to businesses and private properties across Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Regular patrols:

Every night our guards carry out lock ups, patrols, and unlocks of several businesses around the Wallingford, Oxford, Didcot, and Abingdon areas. These include businesses and warehouses on Milton Park, primary and secondary schools in multiple areas of the city of Oxford, and impressive manor houses in local villages! Our guards are fully trained and qualified, and they take on the responsibility of ensuring all properties are fully secured and deterring any potential intruders. Check out our dedicated pages for more information on our Mobile Security Patrols and Locking and Unlocking services.

Alarm activations:

Our guards act as the Alarm Response Team for over 100 properties in Oxfordshire and Berkshire, which means when an alarm system is activated at any of these sites, we receive a call from the receiving and monitoring centre to attend and investigate the cause. In the last two months we have responded to a number of activations caused by all sorts of things, from a cat locked in a printing company in Oxford to an active intruder at an office block near Wallingford! In situations such as the latter, our guards will remain on site and assist the local Police by providing descriptions and timescales of the incident, and in every case will ensure that the site is securely locked up again before they depart. We will respond to every activation regardless of the cause – we are often attending sites where sensors have been triggered by spiders, fans, helium balloons, and loose items on display boards. If an error occurs or an alarm system is faulty, our guards will be on site and can contact an engineer when necessary to ensure that every property we look after is fully protected. For more details on this service, please visit our Alarm Response page!

System installations and updates:

Our Systems Engineer has been busy so far this year, visiting all sorts of properties to provide a range of services. He has installed new cameras in an office in Berinsfield, relocated sensors for a primary school in Cowley, taken over the CCTV system for a secondary school in Didcot, and assisted with the set up of remote viewing and monitoring systems at a private property in Oxford and a primary school in Kidlington. If you require a new alarm system or are looking for someone to handle the maintenance of a current system, then have a look at our Security Systems pages for more information.

System repairs and maintenance:

Once we have installed a new security system for a client, once a year we will return to site and carry out a full service to ensure all equipment is functional and effective. Throughout January and February our Systems Engineer has visited a number of private and commercial clients across Oxfordshire and Berkshire, including an academy in Oxford and a primary school in Reading, and has many more annual maintenance appointments set up over the coming months! As well as this, if there is ever a fault with a security system that we have installed our Engineer will attend site, investigate and identify the issue, and carry out any necessary repairs. Recently these have included everything from replacing tampered alarms and damaged equipment to simply putting in new batteries! Our Systems Engineer has also visited various schools and businesses to replace security locks, reset codes and passwords on security systems, and provide new keys or fobs at clients’ request to ensure that the properties we take responsibility for are always safe and secure. Beyond the technical work, we have provided support to some of our clients on checking and reviewing CCTV footage, offering guidance and advice on what to look for and how to capture important footage. Whatever needs doing, our Systems Engineer is fully trained and qualified to offer the best support possible!

If any of the services described above seem like something you may require for your property, please get in touch with us via our webform to discuss what we can do for you!


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