Out of hours Mobile patrols deter unwanted access to a property and are useful in dealing with some specific security issues.

For example problems like vandalism, rough sleeping and drug abuse which take place around a premises, will not cause a Burglar Alarm to activate but will impact the safety of staff and visitors.

Also, a door or window left unsecured is an invitation for an opportunist to enter the building.

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Professional Security Patrol Service in Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Securipol will carry out an agreed number of Mobile Patrol visits which will include:

  • A full inspection of the perimeter of the premises

  • Visits made at random times

  • A visual inspection of all exterior doors and windows

  • Moving on of unwanted site visitors

  • Informing the Police if applicable

NB Securipol can sort out security problems on patrolled sites that are also covered by our Lock and Unlock or Alarm Response services. Otherwise we will inform one of your emergency keyholders.


What is a mobile patrol security service?

The purpose of mobile patrols is to deter vandals and intruders. Mobile Patrols provide a physical security presence on your property.

Typically, a mobile officer will arrive at your location and conduct visible patrols. They will inspect key areas of the buildings for signs of entry or unusual behaviour. Any vulnerable areas of your property are fortified with an extra layer of security. Mobile Patrols are deployed to keep potential intruders away from your property.

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