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Security Alarm Response Service in Wallingford, Oxfordshire

24/7 keyholding and alarm response from Oxfordshire's number one security company.

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The most flexible and cost effective alarm response service Wallingford, Oxfordshire has to offer

If you or your business are responsible for a building that has a burglar or intruder alarm which sends activation signals to a receiving centre, you may need a Keyholder.

The Keyholder would be called to the site for unconfirmed alarm activations, where only one sensor is triggered and a Police response is not required.  In the case of confirmed alarm activations, where multiple sensors are triggered and the local Police are called by the receiving centre, the Keyholder would also be contacted to attend the site and provide access.

You would have a duty of care towards your Keyholder and be expected to comply with Lone Worker regulations, which can be complex.


To simplify the Health & Safety and compliance issues, Securipol can provide a Keyholding Service as an alternative to using your staff or a neighbour.

Our fully trained and SIA licensed guard would be called to the site in the event of any alarm activations and carry out procedures that have been previously agreed with you, the client. These can include:

  • Unlocking the building and turning off the burglar alarm

  • Inspecting the alarm to determine the cause of the activation

  • Checking the area indicated by the alarm for signs of intrusion

  • Carrying out a full exterior and interior inspection of the premises

  • Calling the local Police if they have not been called automatically but an intrusion has taken place

  • Remaining on site until the premises can be passed into the care of a client representative

  • Securing the building and resetting the alarm system after the activation has been appropriately dealt with

  • Remaining on site until an engineer from the alarm maintenance company can attend to reset the alarm or service a faulty system

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