Since implementation of the Security Industry Act of 2001 only a directly employed member of staff or an SIA licensed guard may lock or unlock a commercial premises.

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If your property uses an access control system during normal operating hours, but no member of staff is available to carry out a full building lock up or unlock then Securipol can provide the following services:-

  • Ensuring all visitors and staff have left the building prior to locking

  • Ensuring all perimeter doors and windows are secured

  • Turning off all ad-hoc equipment eg desk fans

  • Turning off all unnecessary lights

  • Arming and disarming any Burglar Alarm

  • Locking and unlocking all automatically operated doors

  • Any other appropriate task required by a client


What can you expect?

Our security officers will arrive at your location at a pre-arranged time to perform a lockdown at your request. We'll go through the entire building, looking for open windows and fire doors. We'll turn off non-essential monitors and lights, check that all water taps are turned off, and make sure your facility is as energy efficient as possible during downtime hours.

We will also function as your primary key holder and respond to all alarm activations if necessary. You can also use our Security Mobile Patrols to provide extra security coverage while your business is closed.

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