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Our Electrostatic disinfection service is a quick and easy way to achieve 360 degree, touchless disinfection. 

Get COVID-19 sanitization help from the professionals at Securipol. Contact us today to arrange your FREE, no-obligation quote.

What is Electrostatic spray cleaning?

Electrostatic cleaning is a cleaning method of applying a cleaner, coating, disinfectant, or other liquid, that involves applying an electric charge to a liquid in order to get it to fully cover a surface.

The result is a more efficient disinfecting process with several advantages.

For awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reach surfaces our Electrostatic Mist application is ideal, the nature of the mist allows it to coat surfaces evenly and envelope objects evenly, even if the mist is only sprayed on one side.


As you can see from the video, electrostatic spraying is a fast and effective way to disinfect surfaces and reduce the spread of viruses.

The electrostatic spraying method is a method of applying a disinfectant and is typically not paired with a method of removing soils from a surface.

Any surfaces that are believed to be soiled in the past should be wiped down and/or pre-cleaned. 

When the positively charged sanitiser is sprayed onto a negatively charged (grounded) surface, the sanitiser particles are strongly and naturally attracted to the surface.

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Benefits of Electrostatic disinfection services

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Virus prevention is accomplished by the use of electrostatic disinfection. It disinfects against viruses such as H1N1, the common cold and flu, as well as the currently active Coronavirus, which is why it is also known as the Covid19 disinfection service.


Electrostatic disinfection is the most effective method of ensuring that your company or house is completely cleansed and safe for you and your family.

Kills 99.9% of germs & viruses


Immediate effect

Safe on all surfaces

Indoors or outdoors

Fast to apply

Sanitizes hard to reach places

Pet, human & plant safe

So, whether you're looking for a home sanitising business in Oxford, office disinfection services in Oxford, covid-19 disinfecting services, or a company that cleans houses or offices, look no further than Securipol cleaning and sanitisation services in Oxfordshire and Reading.

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