Alarm Response and Installation Service

How does it work?

On receiving a call from the Alarm Monitoring Centre one of our Guards will attend the premises, conduct a full external patrol, checking for any signs out of the ordinary.The Guard will enter the building and check the area indicated on the Alarm Panel.We will try to rectify the problem that caused the activation or will contact the Systems Engineer. Once the Alarm System is back in a working order, the Building will be left in a secure manner. Detailed reports of the activation will be left for a designated person.


Escorted Access Service

If you’re a sole trader and respond to your alarms on your own, allow us to meet you on site and offer you a friendly face and peace of mind, don’t be a statistic.


Lockup and Unlock Service

How does it work?

Our Guard will attend your premises, carry out a thorough internal check making sure that all Staff have left, Toilet areas are clear and free from leaks etc, Fire Doors, Windows and Blinds are closed and all lights are switched off.

Once this is 100% the Alarm System will be turned on, the Guard will then carry out a full external check making sure that nothing has been missed or is visible from the outside.

The Unlock procedure will ensure your premises are opened at a time that suits you ready for the days work ahead.

Static and Mobile Security Officers

A cost effective method of keeping your premises secure is to be part of our Mobile Patrol Scheme.

How does it work?

Our uniformed, SIA Licenced Guards will attend your premises at random times throughout the night. A full external check of the building (s) will be undertaken, checking for anyone or anything that may be out of the ordinary. Mobile Patrols can be carried out on any location, Schools, Parks, Shopping Centre or Factories, the list is endless.

Our mobile patrol also allows us to react to any reported incidents quickly. If we are Keyholders we can act swiftly to prevent matters worsening.